The Sura 1 CT Oval Pastel Purple Sapphire Ring
The Sura 1 CT Oval Pastel Purple Sapphire Ring
The Sura 1 CT Oval Pastel Purple Sapphire Ring
The Sura 1 CT Oval Pastel Purple Sapphire Ring
The Sura 1 CT Oval Pastel Purple Sapphire Ring
The Sura 1 CT Oval Pastel Purple Sapphire Ring
The Sura 1 CT Oval Pastel Purple Sapphire Ring

The Sura 1 CT Oval Pastel Purple Sapphire Ring

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Metal Type & Color  14K Yellow Gold 
Average Band Width  1.7 mm 


Stone Type Natural Sapphire (unheated)
Stone Shape  Oval Cut  
Stone Carat Weight  1 CT
Stone Dimensions  7.6 x 5.3 mm 


Stone Type  Natural Diamond
Stone Grade VS, F-G
Stone Weight 0.19 CTTW

This ring does not include a gemological report. Purchase your report here.

We want your ring to be a perfect fit! This ring is currently a size 7 (US). Please specify your desired ring size above.

For our in-stock pieces, we can accommodate resizing up to 2-2.5 full sizes either up or down, depending on the ring. If you require a different size beyond this range, we recommend considering a custom order. You can also contact us with any sizing questions you may have before purchasing.

Please also be aware that resizing may take an additional 1-3 business days to complete.

For the initial 6 months following your purchase, we are pleased to offer a complimentary resizing service for your ring to ensure a perfect fit. Please note that any resizing requests made beyond this 6-month period will be subject to a fee.

Additionally, please be informed:

  • If your ring has already undergone resizing at the time of the original order, you will not be eligible for the complimentary resizing service.

  • All associated shipping costs related to resizing will be the responsibility of the customer.

  • If you have purchased an in-stock ring and you have requested to have it altered in any way, this is considered a custom piece and cannot be returned or refunded. Resized in-stock rings are ineligible for return or exchange.

  • Unauthorized repairs/ring resizing invalidates Lavender Creek Gems' warranty.

Processing for all items takes 1-2 business days before they are shipped. We ship Mondays through Thursdays via UPS Overnight Air to prevent shipments from lingering in courier warehouses over the weekend. Please be sure to check these processing times before placing your order, especially if you have a deadline. Keep in mind that delays can occur with mail couriers, so it's advisable to be prepared for any potential hiccups.

If resizing is required, extra time may be needed before your item is prepared for shipping.

To read more about our shipping policies, please see our policy and FAQ page here.

Hardness: When it comes to using gemstones in jewelry, few can match the durability and toughness of sapphire. With a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, sapphire is just one step below diamond, the hardest mineral known to man. Its exceptional hardness ensures that it can withstand everyday wear and tear without getting scratched or damaged. That's why sapphire is a popular choice for engagement rings and other types of jewelry that are worn daily.

  • The Mohs scale is a measurement system used to assess and compare the hardness of minerals. Developed by Friedrich Mohs in 1812, it assigns a ranking from 1 to 10 to minerals based on their ability to scratch or be scratched by other minerals. This scale provides a simple and practical way to understand the relative hardness of different minerals, with 1 being the softest (e.g., talc) and 10 the hardest (e.g., diamond).

Color Range & Varieties:

Sapphires are renowned for their stunning array of colors. Blue sapphires, ranging from light to deep royal blue, are the most famous and sought-after. Pink sapphires enchant with delicate pastels to vibrant magentas, while yellow sapphires exude warm and cheerful golden shades. Green sapphires captivate with hues from light to deep green, and orange sapphires dazzle in vibrant tangerine to peachy tones. Purple sapphires span from soothing lavender to deep purples, and color-changing sapphires exhibit different colors under varying lighting conditions. Star sapphires display a mesmerizing star-like pattern, while Padparadscha sapphires offer a rare blend of pink and orange. Lastly, parti-colored sapphires showcase a mix of multiple colors within one gemstone.

Origin: Sapphires are mined in several countries, with notable sources including Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Madagascar, and Montana, USA.

Stability: Sapphires maintain their stability even when worn under regular conditions, making them highly resistant to the detrimental impacts of heat, light, and common chemicals.

Heat treatment is the most widely used and accepted treatment for sapphires. It involves heating the sapphire to high temperatures to improve its color and clarity. This process can lighten or darken the stone's color and remove or reduce visible inclusions. It's important to note that the majority of sapphires in the market have undergone heat treatment. Heat-treated sapphire is very durable.

Irradiation is a treatment method that involves exposing the sapphire to controlled radiation to alter its color. This treatment can enhance the intensity of blue and green colors in sapphires.

Lattice diffusion is a treatment that introduces certain elements, like beryllium or titanium, into the sapphire's crystal structure to alter its color. This method can create or enhance a range of colors, including orange and yellow.

Beryllium diffusion specifically involves the introduction of beryllium into the sapphire to achieve a variety of colors.

Filling: Some sapphires may have surface-reaching fractures or cavities that are filled with a colorless substance to improve clarity and appearance. These filled sapphires should be handled with care, as exposure to extreme heat or chemicals can damage the filling material.

We disclose all treatments on our stones. Our sapphires are either heated, or unheated, which is disclosed when purchasing. All other treatments are not as common, and we do not deal in those treated stones.

Spiritual Properties: Sapphires are spiritually revered for their association with wisdom, inner peace, and intuition. These gemstones are believed to stimulate mental clarity, enhance communication, and offer protection against negativity. Sapphires symbolize balance and harmony, aligning one's physical and spiritual aspects. They are also linked to divine connection and higher truths, reflecting a rich spiritual heritage.

Although we recreate our styles, we cannot use the exact same gemstone for each new piece due to the unique nature of natural gemstones. We do, however, make an effort to recreate our styles using similar gemstones whenever possible. Diamonds are the exception, as they are more plentiful, and allow us to recreate pieces almost exactly.

Recreating a one-of-a-kind gemstone ring can be challenging due to several reasons:

  • Unique Gemstones: Each natural gemstone possesses distinct colors, patterns, inclusions, or cuts that render them truly one-of-a-kind. Finding a similar gemstone that matches the exact characteristics of the original can be extremely difficult. Using rare, high quality stones is the most important aspect of LCG, and while we try to accomodate most requests for replications, this is something we strive to keep consistent.

  • Variability in Gemstones: Natural gemstones are formed under unique geological conditions, resulting in variations in color, clarity, and overall appearance. Even if you manage to find a similar gemstone, it's unlikely to be an exact match in terms of all these aspects.

  • Exact Measurements: Achieving the exact measurements and proportions of a one-of-a-kind stone can be difficult. Even a slight deviation in dimensions can affect the overall look and comfort of the ring. Approximately 95% of our tourmaline stones are personally cut by us, and we frequently shape them according to the natural form of the rough stone. It's important to note that not all rough stones can be faceted into identical shapes.

  • Market Fluctuations & Scarcity: The availability and pricing of gemstones can change over time due to market fluctuations and sourcing challenges. This can impact the feasibility of recreating a piece at a similar cost. This holds particularly true in the present moment, more so than ever before. The demand for high quality colored stones is astronomically high, and in turn makes it difficult to source more rare stones.

At Lavender Creek Gems, our mission is to create one-of-a-kind gemstone and diamond jewelry designed to be cherished for generations. Our pieces feature carefully selected stones, responsibly sourced through ethical relationships with our suppliers worldwide. Using one-of-a-kind gemstones or diamonds ensures each item stands apart, guaranteeing its individual appeal.

Although we recreate our styles, we cannot use the exact same gemstone for each new piece due to the unique nature of natural gemstones. As a result, we do not restock exact rings. No two stones are the same, guaranteeing their one-of-a-kind nature.

Our videos are captured using natural window lighting to ensure the most accurate color representation. Please be aware that variations in monitor or phone color settings may impact the perceived colors.


Most of these rules apply to engagement rings that are worn daily. When in doubt, just remove! It's always better to err on the side of caution with gemstones and precious metals. We know how special these pieces are (and how much you have invested in them!) and we want you to be able to wear your jewelry as long as possible.

So, without further ado, here are a few suggestions:


  • During outdoor activities such as gardening, recreational sports, yard work, washing your car, or any strenuous activity that may or may not break a sweat!

  • In any chlorinated (or chemically treated) water. And ocean water. I know, I know, no sparklies at the beach!

  • During the much dreaded house work! Don't wear it while vacuuming, doing the laundry, washing dishes, etc. And definitely not while scrubbing toilets!

  • Never, ever wear your jewelry while exercising or weight lifting. No kickboxing, jiu jitsu, arm wrestling. Nope. None of that.

  • Never use any chemicals on your hands when wearing your jewelry. Some chemicals can damage precious metals and gemstones.


  • Feel free to wash your hands with your jewelry on! Removing your rings while washing your hands can increase the risk of your ring falling into the drain, and that is certainly not something we want to happen! Nor do we want you to forget your ring in a public restroom, if you've removed it to wash your hands. Mild soap will not damage your ring(s), but we do suggest removing them while washing dishes.

  • Ensure that your ring is the right size. We certainly wouldn't want you to wash your hands and have it accidentally slip off and fall down the drain!

  • Give your rings a gentle tap while holding them close to your ear. If you detect any subtle rocking noises, don't hesitate to send us an email! We offer a complimentary prong inspection and will tighten them if needed.

  • Insure your jewelry ASAP! Should the worst happen, we want you to be covered.

  • Store your jewelry in a safe place (even while sleeping!) that is protected from the elements. A soft pouch or jewelry box is recommended. And remember, do not store different types of jewelry together without proper protection, as they can scratch each other.

  • Clean your jewelry! See our tips below on the best practice for maintaining your piece(s).


Most gemstone jewelry must be cleaned a little more often than traditional diamond jewelry. We recommend cleaning your gemstone jewelry every few weeks if you're really ambitious, but once a month will suffice, usually. It truly depends on your lifestyle and how often your piece is worn.

  • Do not use any kind of chemicals to clean your jewelry, whatsoever! The best thing for your jewelry is some good ol' mild dish soap with a soft/extra soft toothbrush. Never use hard/firm bristled toothbrushes, as they can possibly scratch your gold/stones. Use warm water (not too hot!) to wash away grime and oils.

  • Don't forget the underside of the stone! Dry with a soft cloth, or use your blow dryer on the cool setting to achieve a spotless shine!

  • Polish with a gemstone/jewelry polishing cloth to achieve an even better luster.

  • Never, ever, place your gemstone jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner, or use a steamer to clean the piece. Some stones, like emeralds, have natural inclusions or have oil treatments and should never be cleaned this way, as they can break, or have their treatment removed altogether if used in conjunction with a harsh chemical cleaner.


We offer professional cleaning, polishing, and resizing for all of your pieces you have purchased from us. Please contact us to inquire further.

To be covered under our warranty, please send us your piece for annual (or bi-annual, even better!) maintenance. We check all prongs, polish, and clean your jewelry for you under our warranty. Please reach out to us to schedule. For more warranty information, click here. 

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